Para Dressage Horses

B. Grandeur

A Para Horse has an enormous amount of boxes to tick, not only must the horse be totally safe for the riders disability it must be pure of heart to never take advantage of the riders weakness and in the competition arena it has to be correct, relaxed, supple and fluid in movement. They are quite literally “worth their weight in gold” as they can offer both freedom from a disability and personal independence from others.

Over the time of my recovery I have been lucky enough to have met and ridden some amazing horses and have been fortunate to find not just one significant para horse in “Mega Mercy” but now have “Brilliant Bob” my main international horse.

If you own a horse or pony, which you think would be suitable to be a para horse and want to discuss a new career in the world of Para please contact me directly.

B. Grandeur

Brilliant Bob is my current international horse, he is a huge 18.2hh, 12 year, KWPN Bay gelding. He started life as a show jumping stallion and with his frozen semen I will hopefully be able to breed with my Rubin Royal brood mare to have another of his offspring. Stunning with huge presence he has a chilled out attitude but is quick to train and a much loved character who never misses an opportunity to make you smile.

Purchased from Louise Brown in 2013 I have produced him to be super sensitive to my weak aids and we are now competing at FEI GIV focused on getting consistent 70% scores in all our Para tests.



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